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eMachines ET1831-07 Desktop PC comes with these specs: Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor E5400, Windows 7 Home Premium, NVIDIA GeForce 7050 Chipset, 4096MB DDR2 Memory, NVIDIA GeForce 7050 Integrated Graphics, 750GB SATA Hard Drive, Multi-in-1 Digital Media Card Reader, High Definition Audio with 7.1 Channel Audio Support, 6 - USB 2.0, Keyboard and Mouse, 18.0 lbs. | 8.2 kg (system unit only), 1 Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty with Toll-Free Tech Support, Registration/ Limited Warranty Card, Norton Internet Security Suite 2009 Trial
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Technical Details

- 2.7GHz Intel Pentium E5400 Dual-Core Processor
- 4GB DDR2 Memory
- 750GB SATA Hard Drive; 16X DVD±R/RW SuperMulti Drive
- NVIDIA GeForce 7050 Integrated Graphics
- Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
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Customer Buzz
 "Powerful but plasticky" 2010-08-28
By B. Borgerson (Ashland, OR United States)
For the price, this machine is amazingly fast and powerful. We put up the "speedometers" in Gadgets, and it's cruising at about 20% of RAM usage at idle. Yes, it is a terabyte disc, so we have over 800 Gigs free. Everything just zips. Downside? Plastic parts on the flimsy side, particularly the optical drive cover. I'm sure the drive would still work if the cover broke off, but it wouldn't look good. Keyboard also on the lightweight side but the feel is just fine. Also,when plugging in the monitor to the VGA connector, I noticed a bit more wiggle than usual, as if the motherboard were not solidly secured to the cabinet. If used by responsible adults, I expect the B- built quality won't be a problem. But not recommended for teenage boys.

Customer Buzz
 "Great general purpose, not for serious gamers" 2010-08-25
By Richard E. Hanson (Mill Creek, WA)
Over the years I have bought and built many computers. I am pretty much an Intel/Windows person and of the 5 computers I own, all are Pentiun, Icore, etc. until this one. I was looking for a solid, fast general purpose computer for my granddaughter. I needed something for internet searching, email, word processing, and file & print sharing. I was also looking for something inexpensive. After reading reviews on the eMachine ET1831-05 I was leaning toward it and then I saw an add for a refurb. It arrived yesterday and I set it up today. WOW!!! What a surprise. I never expected this kind of performance from a celeron processor. All my other computers are running Windows 7 Ultimate and this one with the onboard Windows 7 Home Premium just blended right in. It doesn't have the sideboard on this version, but it networked readily into my home group.

The case is a little tinny, and I didn't like having to break out the expansion slot covers to install my Wireless G PCI card. For a built in video card, it gives a clear crisp image at high resolution. I was disappointed it didn't have a digital output, but the VGA works well enough that I didn't need to buy another card at this time. Like I said, it's not intened to be a gamimg machine. It could handle a single PCI Express card, but I think if you wanted all that, you should look into a different computer. It has one EIDE controller, although I don't know why anyone would want to use it. There are 4 SATA ports, 2 available.

One reviewer complained about the included software. Once you accept the fact that these packages come with bottom line or trial software hoping you buy the upgrade, you can quit worrying about it. Except for the desired operating system of course. The first thing I did after intial setup was delete and replace all the software with full versions of MS Office, Norton and Nero. If you can't afford the Office, there are some great free ones available like Open Office. There are other CD/DVD burning programs, I happen to like Nero. Don't chince on security software. It's worth what you pay for it. I happen to prefer Norton which I have used ever since the old DOS 3.1 days. It has never failed me. Some of the others want to to take control of your computer and when it comes to software, I want to control it.

For general purpose office work, this is an exceptional deal and the price is frosting on the cake. I got a refurb even cheaper. In electronics, refurbs can be a really good deal. They've been inspected twice, and all components are new or like new.

Customer Buzz
 "Great value for the money; not for advanced graphics users" 2010-08-17
By Joseph (Cincinnati, OH USA)
When our Dell died, we decided to buy this for the new family computer. For our needs (MS Office, internet, light kids' games), this is perfect. We plugged our existing monitor and ethernet cable in, and are happily using Windows 7.

What's good:

- I gave this computer five stars at this price point. It comes with Windows 7, a suprisingly fast processor, 4 GB DDR2 ram, a dvd drive/burner, a wide variety of memory chip readers, and at least a 750 gig hard drive. As with some of the other reviewers, mine shipped with a 1 terrabyte drive (920 GB formatted), but since the technical specs say a 750 GB drive, I don't think you can count on getting the bigger one.

- As a new Windows 7 user, I'm impressed. Windows 7 is actually pretty cool.

- The computer is fast as lightning with Word and Explorer, although some of that may be that I haven't had time to install all of the drivers and apps I had on the last computer.

What could be better:

- The 1831-07 doesn't have a top of the line video card, so it doesn't make a great gaming station.

- Moreover, although the box is big and roomy, the power supply is a little weak, and there is no cooling fan, so if you were inclined to upgrade, you would need to put in a new power supply/fan at the very least. It's fairly plastic-y, so I'm treating it more gingerly than I did the old dell battleship, but it looks nice.

- Connectivity could have been better. There are only 6 usb ports, regular (rather than fast) ethernet, and no firewire or ESata ports. For home use, that's enough, since my cable modem can't go much faster than regular ethernet, and you can always add a faster connection port by adding a card. 6 usb ports is barely enough. The keyboard and mouse take two, plus we have a usb printer, webcam, and backup drive. That's five devices I would prefer to plug into the back of the machine, to avoid the risk of kicking and breaking one of the front ports, but their are only four rear usb ports. I may end up adding a usb hub.

- The keyboard feels pretty flimsy. I kept my Dell keyboard and mouse, and saved the emachines versions as backups.

Customer Buzz
 "Great low price computer" 2010-07-18
By L. A. Washburn
I have read some reviews on the eMachine where people complain about it, but we have now purchased two and like them just fine, have no problems.

Customer Buzz
 "Defective, Defective, Defective" 2010-07-15
By Scott H
This would have been my 3rd e-machines computer. I had two previously and both were a good value for the money. However I purchased this computer, twice, and both of them arrived broken.

The first machine came and would not boot. On attempting to boot it did not recognize the operating system. No problem, I thought, I will use the recovery disk to reload the operating system. I quickly realized my error on finding that the machine does not ship with a recovery disk. I then called E-machines customer service. The first person told me to press Alt-f8 repeatedly, and then enter and it would boot. He then disconnected. After calling back, I spoked with a representative who assured me that although they did not have a recovery disk included, they did have a recovery partition on the computer and I could boot from that. Unfortunately, that turned out not to be the case. No recovery partition, no operating system.

I shipped that computer back, and purchased the same machine again, from a different seller. I still had hopes for the brand, as they appear to have good specs for the money.

When I opened this computer today it would not even display on the monitor. The LEDs on the computer light up, but no image. The ports on the back seemed poorly made, and the monitor port was falling into the casing of the computer. I will be shipping this computer back for a refund and buying a different product

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